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Wherever I may ROAM … the great affair is to MOVE

“Wherever I may roam, where I lay my head is home” – Metallica I feel exactly like this song from one of my favourite bands Metallica because of my love for travelling. I love airports, railway stations, bus stations, road trips … Continue reading

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Ferrari ki “bumpy” Sawaari – my review

Sahaj (my son) wanted to buy me an Audi for Father’s Day. His exact words to my wife when she asked him what he wanted to gift me for father’s day were, “Papa ki car bahut purani ho gayi, unko … Continue reading

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There is always a “Solution”…… The Satyamev Jayate effect

“Tune hi sikhaya sachchaiyon ka matlab, Tere paas aake jaana maine zindagi ka maqsad, Satyamev… satyamev… satyamev jayate, Sachcha hai pyaar tera, satyamev jayate.” Above is an excerpt from the theme song for the current hit TV series “Satyamev Jayate”. For … Continue reading

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Innovation … to make a dent in the universe

“We are here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even we be here?” – Steve Jobs Like me, I am sure a lot of us (or most of us) want to know the purpose of our … Continue reading

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“The Afghan” – another masterpiece by Frederick Forsyth

I am a huge fan of spy and espionage novels, especially Frederick Forsyth. I have followed his writings from the time he used to write about the cold war, the spy games between USA & USSR, to the present day … Continue reading

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The art of Architecture

“Part of the passion is having the persistence and resilience to change both your art and the way you deliver it” – Seth Godin Architecture (the science of building design and not the wanna-be software architecture) is one of the … Continue reading

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Discipline … is it overrated?

“If you are strong enough to lift the weight … you are strong enough to put it back” I read this at my Dojo/ Gym. Each one of us has been to a Gym at some point or the other … Continue reading

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Form follows ……… emotion

Recently my architecture firm EDGES sent in a design entry for a commercial building complex. Before starting on the conceptual design of the building, we had the eternal discussion common to all designers of Form and function. I re-write this … Continue reading

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Travel & the so called travel gurus

I love to travel and love to write reviews of places I visit. Good, Bad or Ugly but they are my views and not binding on anyone. I try to talk about my experience rather than be judgmental about a … Continue reading

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Shanghai – Progress has a price and every Indian should pay it

Shanghai Trailer

Shanghai – The movie

Another masterpiece delivered by Dibakar Banerjee (director of “Khosla ka Ghosla” & “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”) … Based on a novel “Z” the plot is set in a small town on the verge of so called “PROGRESS” at the expense of the cattle class. The story moves in the backdrop of Bharat Nagar soon to be converted to Shanghai. Without revealing the plot much, the movie delves into the murky and dangerous political games played by ministers and bureaucrats without conveniently removing obstacles or people in the way (either by bribing or murder). 

Abhay Deol once again, as a South Indian (Madrasi :)) IAS officer, delivers a hard hitting performance …. Emran Hashmi (my favourite) in a very believable porn film maker’s character is amazing … Farooq Sheikh has still not lost his touch and is subtle but effective … Pitobash as Bhaggu (from the very first scene of the movie) is the surprise package as one of the small-time goonda … Kalki and rest of the characters fit perfectly in the plot.

Music by Vishal Shekhar & the song “Bharat Mata ki” stands out.

The movie is a wake up call for the masses and shows the other side of “PROGRESS” which we all choose to turn a blind eye.

Few movies are perfect and this one is both Subtle and Effective.

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