“The Afghan” – another masterpiece by Frederick Forsyth

I am a huge fan of spy and espionage novels, especially Frederick Forsyth. I have followed his writings from the time he used to write about the cold war, the spy games between USA & USSR, to the present day scenario where he writes about Islamic terrorism and its counter measures taken by the developed countries. This particular novel is based around the year 2006 and has uncanny similarity to the terrorist attacks being carried out in the current day scenario.

The Afghan

The Afghan

The Afghan” traverses the journey of an individual (a British soldier) planted deep in the enemy territory and how a westerner masquerades as an Afghan to uncover a prevent a massive attack on the western world. The real Afghan is Izmat Khan, a captured Taliban commander, lodged in Guantanamo bay for 5 years. The Afghan is also Co. Mike Martin, and ex-SAS operative, who because of his Indian origin maternal grandmother and his birthplace as Iraq is a natural choice for SIS (Secret Intelligence Service of UK). He is fluent both in English and Arabic, and when SIS stumbles upon the planning of a huge terrorist attack, Co. Mike Martin is recruited in a combined effort by SIS and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of USA) to pass on the information to the intelligence agencies.

Code named Crowbar Co. Mike Martin infiltrates the terrorist network as Izmat Khan with the hope to achieve the unthinkable. What he uncovers and whether he delivers it to the intelligence agency on time, keeps you want to keep flipping the pages for a signature Forsyth finale.

I am always transported into the world of espionage when I am reading a Forsyth novel and “The Afghan” made sure it kept me on the edge through out the 450 pages.

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