What can we do? NOTHING

Are women safe? NO

Are men safe? Maybe

What is a mob? A faceless stream of people, who are consumed by a negative passion & who would commit a crime, which they might not think of doing as individuals under normal circumstances.

Who is a molester/ rapist? An individual who outrages the modesty of a woman by subjecting her to sexual abuse either in public or private.

Most of the cases go unreported either because of the society's apathy towards the victim

Most of the cases go unreported either because of the society’s apathy towards the victim

Why does it happen? Frustration, Chauvinism or Power who knows what goes in the sick mind of an individual who can outrage the modesty of a woman. Especially in our culture where a woman is worshipped and then disrespected by a handful of men.

The recent molestation case in Guwahati, Assam or the Gurgaon case on 2012 New Year ’s Eve highlights how unsafe women can be in the middle of bustling public areas and abused by a group of men. Similar to this was the case of an American journalist, who was molested by a group of men while she was covering the outbreak of the revolt in Egypt in February. These cases however highlight a mob’s crime against a single woman. What about individual men who molest and rape women (most of which go unreported).

What can we do? NOTHING

We definitely cannot do anything because WE DON’T WANT TO. We want to be in our comfort zone and talk about it in our living rooms or our offices or snuggling sitting on a couch in a coffee shop. We can update our Facebook status and express our frustration or tweet about it on twitter and complete our moral responsibility. Or, if it is someone like me blog about it. But, is this where our responsibility ends. Would I be just updating my facebook status if it happened to someone close to me.

What I feel is that with advent of social media, you tube, twitter, facebook the power in the hands of a common man like me is much more.

I want to make a difference and tell the administration that they should set an example out of the recent culprits. We have all seen their faces and the horrendous act they committed … a punishment so severe should be given that it sends shivers up the spine of all those who have committed a crime like this or remember the fate of these men before committing a crime like this.

I don’t want to write much about it …. but will want to keep the discussion and the fire burning.

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