Oprah & her FORKing opinions … Get well soon Aunty

Oprah aunty is amazed that, some Indians still eat with their hands. Aunty jee, we would like to tell you that you are completely WRONG here, it is not some Indians but the majority of Indians who eat with their own hands. I am sure Aunty jee like a majority has been a victim of the western ignorance and her presumptuous statements & equally ignorant guides posing to be pundits on Indian culture didn’t do her any good either. I am sure this would have been great food (pun intended) for thought for cracking a food joke (which ironically we Indians love as much as we love a toilet joke).

I am happy Aunty jee only visited the dining area and not the family’s toilet or she would have had to comment on the washing habits too. I am sure that would have generated a shit-storm … if not anything else.

Aunty jee, Indian are also taught one more things as kids, “When you don’t know much about a subject … keep your mouth shut with a lock (Munh par taala) and your opinions to yourself”, clearly a concept that eluded you. I have had the esteemed privilege of watching some Win-free shows on cable TV (yes ma’am we do have cable and TV) and thought some research did went in to Aunty jee’s shows, but thinking back now I do realize the research must have been outsourced (oh again that word).

Oprah Aunty gets a thumbs down from India

Oprah Aunty gets a thumbs down from India

Well Aunty jee, I hope you have a safe flight back and I hope your gracious hosts were kind enough to give you some Indian sweets (laddoos) which you can try and eat with a fork.

P.S. Poor Aunty jee had to go back dejected as she did not get to see any snakes in our cities … don’t worry aunty there is always a next time

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7 Responses to Oprah & her FORKing opinions … Get well soon Aunty

  1. Dhriti says:

    Looks like all the work has been done by the research team and your knowledge is only limited to reading scripts written by the writers. Anyways aunty ji, unlike the intelligent people of America and other western countries, Indians also wipe off their ass from the their hands. Just confirm from your ‘urbane’ sources that you weren’t served food from those hands!

    • askmaverick says:

      Well I did mention the fact that its good for her she didn’t visit the toilet …

      • Dhriti says:

        I saw the programme the other day and was surprised to see her ‘so polite’ attitude towards the people. If in case I have an encounter with her, Il ask how does she manages to keep that ‘Faking Fork attitude?’. Loser Aunty!

  2. Chinha says:

    Hey didn’t you see where she visited a Dharavi family and the common toilets there? Should have seen the look on her face. Brilliant capture.

  3. Raman Chugh says:

    These Africans … oh sorry Black Americans !!

  4. AD says:

    Once a writer, always a writer! Black americans, hahahaha!

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