Maverick salutes the creator of Top Gun

Tony Scott, the Legendary creator of amazing movies like Spy Game, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Crimson Tide jumped to death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles.  Top Gun influenced a lot of young men from my generation, whether a career choice, a lifestyle choice, an attitude choice or just a choice to be a rebel, Tom Cruise’s character Maverick did touch and connect with us at some stage. For which a huge part of credit should be given to Tony Scott. He redefined action and attitude with Top Gun & a sad part is, that he was planning to direct the sequel to this all time hit, without him Top Gun 2 would never be the same.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun became a cult figure

Tom Cruise in Top Gun became a cult figure

When you touch lives of millions of people through the work you do, you never know how much you will be missed by your fans and neither do the fans know how much they will miss the man. Tony Scott you are a Legend and you will live forever in our hearts.

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