Does the order in Chaos make us Complacent?

“I love it when a plan comes together”. This catch-phrase is by Colonel “Hanibal” Smith of the A – Team (for those who are familiar with this action series) whose plans are never right but always work in the end amongst a lot of action, chaos and explosions. Sounds familiar to our country and a lot of our jobs. The only difference is the A – Team has a plan to restore order through Chaos and our country’s works without one most of the time.

Col. Hannibal from the A-team, believes there is always a bigger plan

Col. Hannibal from the A-team, believes there is always a bigger plan

I write this post because I have witnessed a lot of Chaos this week on the roads (with the excessive rains in Delhi) & at work, generally causing a ripple effect, affecting stuff which is not even directly connected to the Chaos. Sometimes no matter how hard you try the anarchy stays and you don’t have a choice but to go with the flow, but does that mean you should accept Chaos as a part of life?

I take the example of this week, when there had been excessive rains in Delhi and like every year majority of roads were converted into mini rivers for a few hours. The brave-hearts and the slaves did try to negotiate their vehicles through flooded streets though a lot of them did succumb to Mother Nature’s force and eventually chose to stop fighting it. During the peak hours traffic though almost to a standstill was still moving and eventually everyone did reach home (though this was not the case a few years ago in Mumbai). The twitter was abuzz with frustrated citizens questioning the administration’s efforts to prevent water-logging but when they reached the comfort of their homes they forgot about it and life was back to normal for everyone.

Traffic in Delhi was chaotic due to the waterlogging on roads during the last 2 days

Traffic in Delhi was chaotic due to the waterlogging on roads during the last 2 days

Another example is of the Parliament, which has been in total Chaos during this session with the opposition demanding the Prime Minister to resign amidst scams and scandals, and the PM responding in poetic form, completing the drama. But, we feed on what is served to us by the media (real or exaggerated) and comment “Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta” (Nothing good can happen in this country) until a fresh news item takes us to a new discussion about another chaotic happening in some other context. At the end of it we are still earning our money, driving our cars, eating out and splurging on vacations. A small news item does jolt us back to a lesson in morality for a few minutes but the email beeping on our Blackberry waiting to be responded is ultimately more important (which it should definitely be … after all I cannot run the country).

Plus why care, at the end of it we are all happy in our closed social environment and doing our own thing in our own safe land. As it is there is no problem with the country … look at us we have come a long way and progressed a lot, for example, McDonald’s has a vegetarian menu for India, Gurgaon has more malls than any other city I know off … forget about the roads, our politicians have taken the growth to unimaginable levels … look at the GDP, with great progress you do expect them to fill up their pockets a little … come on they deserve it.

So I think I should rephrase my topic, the order in Chaos not only makes us complacent but also gives the reason to defend the Chaos.

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