Special Chabbis (and not twenty six) … a special entertainer for all movie lovers

After having watched “A Wednesday” by Neeraj Pandey innumerable times, I stepped into the cinema hall with high expectations from his latest movie Special Chabbis. And Pandeyjee has managed to pull off another amazing entertainer with a fast-paced & exciting plot. This is one of those movies which keeps on lingering in your mind even after the climax and you keep going back to the brilliant sequence of events and how they were executed throughout the plot.

Special 26 ... The story of 4 lovable conmen for whom you can't help but root for

Special 26 … The story of 4 lovable conmen for whom you can’t help but root for

The movie is set in 1987 based on a true incident when a person posed as a fake CBI officer and robbed a famous jeweller at the Opera House in Mumbai. This incident forms the basis of the plot and how a group of conmen conduct false raids as CBI or IT officials to con politicians, businessmen and high profile people to rob them of their money. These heists are never reported as most of the money is black money and none of these high profile people want to be in the news for wrong reasons.

An innovative poster for an innovative movie

An innovative poster for an innovative movie

Neeraj Pandey after his directorial debut with A Wednesday completely redeems himself with Special Chabbis and reaffirms his position as a master director. He is definitely not a one film wonder and a director to watch out for in the future. The best and the most noticeable part of the film is the period that it has been set in. 1980’s have been very effectively portrayed in the movie, whether it was the cars running on the roads or the streets of Delhi especially well known areas like the Connaught Place, whether it was the print style of the newspapers or the clothes and jewellery worn by the actors. The whole movie seems to be set in 1980 and all credit goes to the art director along with the director. I am still wondering how he shot in the heart of Delhi with all these props from the 80s.

Akshay Kumar is a great actor and he shows why in this movie

Akshay Kumar is a great actor and he shows why in this movie

The casting is perfect and each character in the ensemble of great actors delivers are powerful performance. Akshay Kumar has always been a great actor for me despite critics and so-called intelligent viewers writing him off. As the linchpin of the team he is subtle, intelligent and still manages to be funny in his own earthly way. This is definitely another feather in his cap with his long list of successful movies. Anupam Kher as a vulnerable supporter of the leader and a lustful old man (considering his long line of children) is superb and reminds of a perfect Punjabi uncle. Rajesh Sharma (Munjal from the movie Khosla ka Ghosla) as the third character fits perfectly into the well oiled team as the big guy from a Purani Dilli joint family.  Kishore Kadam as the oppressed husband though a reserved role makes an impact. Jimmy Shergill’s portrayal of a frustrated suspended police officer is very believable and you can’t fail but empathize with the character of Sub-Inspector Ranveer Singh. But, Manoj Bajpayee is the actor which never ceases to amaze me. You put him any role and he shines, sometimes more than the protagonist. As a no nonsense CBI officer he again steals the show and gives another honest performance worth a standing ovation. Kajal Aggarwal (from Singham) is a pretty girl and looks pretty, however her character’s contribution to the story is a little frivolous.

As a no nonsense CBI officer, Manoj Bajpai threatens his boss to start taking bribes if his salary is not hiked

As a no nonsense CBI officer, Manoj Bajpai threatens his boss with the ultimatum of start taking bribes if his salary is not hiked

The climax hits you in typical Neeraj Pandey style which I am sure is fast becoming his signature style in his movies. Full marks to him for great direction, amazing portrayal of all characters, great plot, superb casting and above all perfect detailing.

Go and watch it, and I definitely can again. This one definitely lived up to my expectations and left me hungry for more (I waited till the end of casting hoping there would be another surprise scene at the end).

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7 Responses to Special Chabbis (and not twenty six) … a special entertainer for all movie lovers

  1. Priyanka says:

    I also loved the movie !! I would have definatley gone for it (if I had missed the movie ) after reading your reviews as I feel that our choice of movies is kind of similar. Keep up the good job of writing these honest reviews..!!

  2. Your reviews leave us readers with no choice! Aaj mummy logon ko bheja hai, we will probably go tomorrow!!

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  4. Chinha says:

    You know, quite uncanny how you’ve written exactly what I was thinking while watching the movie. It is a brilliant yet very understated movie. A lot of my friends didn’t watch it because it doesn’t have the publicity or the glamour backing it. High glam movies are becoming de rigour, but I think this is the kind of cinema we should watch out for.
    And yes, brilliant suspense in the end. I got a huge kick when I came to know jimmy shergill’s character was a complete fake!

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