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G.I.Joe: Retaliation …… Yo Joe!!

G.I.Joe for me is not just a movie. It is part of our growing up culture, when my younger brother and I used to collect their action figures (some 25 years back) and recreate the battle scenes between the Joes … Continue reading

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Flight …… to freedom

Flight on the outset is a movie about an airliner crash and the investigation that follows. The movie however revolves around life of an unstable airline pilot, Captain William “Whip” Whitaker who is piloting the plane on the fateful day … Continue reading

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The Zomato Foodie Meet … Who says there are no free lunches???

Whenever someone invites you for a free meal, one is a little skeptic what the hidden agenda is or whether you would enjoy the company if other diners. Zomato definitely proved that there is always a free lunch (quite literally) … Continue reading

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A small time achievement for my travel writings

I love to travel and before I do, I make sure I read about the place, the hotels in the city and tripadvisor is one of the most authentic websites to read actual honest reviews. It helps me decide on … Continue reading

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