The name is JOBS … steve jobs

It is somewhat ironical that the man who always signed his name in the lower case ‘steven p. jobs’ has the movie in his name titled in capital JOBS. For me this was the most awaited movie of the year, more so because of having read the biography a couple of times. The ironies however does not end with the case of the font, but the perfectionist he was, I am sure if among us today he would have wanted some (major) iterations in the movie before his actual story came out to the public. A movie reaches out to a much wider audience exponentially than a book and those of you who have read the book should agree with me that movie did not do complete justice to Jobs biopic.

The actor and the original

The actor and the original

Joshua Michael Stern who is known for directing dramas, has concentrated more on the dramatic side of Jobs rather than the genius his was. He has failed to explain the reason behind his outbursts, his mad passion for perfection, and the primary reason for the personality that was the Steve Jobs. I would not dwell into the particular events but Stern could have shown the cause and consequence for the milestones he achieved. Whether it was shortage of time or bad script writing, the movie would fail to connect with audience who do not know much about Jobs. Moreover, important events which made Jobs what he is, like the creation of NeXT, the buying of Pixar and his fight with cancer are completely missing.

A scene where the band of misifits (in Jobs own words) started the world's most loved company Apple

A scene where the band of misifits (in Jobs own words) started the world’s most loved company Apple

Ashton Kutcher has come a long way from portraying the stupid kid in That 70’s show to portraying one of the geniuses of our generation. He is eerily similar to the original Steve Jobs and full marks to him for taking on the nuances, the body language and the talking style of the Apple founder. The jaw line was perfect and as a young Jobs he was flawless. The script could have given him more to showcase his acting prowess but sadly the whole movie cracked around there. I am sure Jobs family would also share the view of Kutcher doing a brilliant “JOB”.

Above: The Reak Steve Jobs ... Below: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Above: The Real Steve Jobs … Below: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

The only other character worth mentioning is that of Mike Marrkula played by Dermot Mulroney a brilliant actor with an equally brilliant performance. Matthew Modine, James Woods, John Getz and others are just supporting the main man as the in his real life it was all about himself. The music is good and you get to hear some famous Bob Dylan songs in the movie, as Steve was a big Dylan fan all his life.

The Biography by Walter Isaacson

The Biography by Walter Isaacson

Even though for me Steve Jobs life has been a 5/5, I had expected a much better product from the production and so would have Jobs. A 3/5 from me sadly for the movie, though for all Jobs and Apple fans this is a must watch. However I would suggest you read the book before going to the movie. Alternatively, if you have seen the movie and not the read the book, now is the time to pick it up and do it.

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4 Responses to The name is JOBS … steve jobs

  1. CMrok93 says:

    The whole story of Steve Jobs is meant to be seen on the big screen, but not like this. Especially not with Michael Kelso in the lead role. Good review.

  2. you are becoming quite an authoritative movie reviewer! love the tone and analysis…am going to give the movie a pass though 🙂

    • askmaverick says:

      Thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂 … maybe the tone was like that because I have very strong feelings about Jobs and Apple & I was extremely disappointed. You can pass the movie, however I suggest you read the book.

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