Too much at Steak here …. Smoke House Deli – my review

I have been reviewing restaurants for a long time but never on the blog. My favorite website is Zomato where I write about all my eating our experiences. However, after a lot of egging from friends and family I have decided to put my restaurant reviews on the blog too since not all my friends and readers access Zomato or Tripadvisor. So after around 90 reviews on the website, I have decided to start my restaurant blogs with one of my favorite places in Delhi to eat at, Smoke House Deli at the Hauz Khas Village.

A long pending review of this place since I visited this particular Smokehouse 2 weeks back, but that has still not deterred the flavor from dissolving in thoughts. Our bachelor lunch which we generally do in a week day (without wives) took us to the Smoke House Delhi in HKV, and the 1 hour lunch converted to a 2 hour food marathon with beer on a working day.

The relaxing and earthy Decor

The relaxing and earthy Decor

The Deli is located at the far end of the block facing the monument and the lake on the Ground floor. However, next to L’Opera (on the main HKV spine) you’d have a pleasant looking host waiting for you to guide you the restaurant through the ever interesting maze of streets and shops. The walk itself puts you in the relaxed mood and by the time you walk up to the main restaurant, your senses are already heightened. The place itself is done in earthy colors of wood and Ivory color giving it a cozy yet spacious feel. As you enter into the lobby, the division of the main dining and the bar is quite visible and as the crowd was think for lunch on a weekday, we did get a good table overlooking the monument in the dining area. The different levels add to the character of the place and though they might be a bit of hassle for the occasional diner, I found them enhancing the whole earthy feel of the place. The walls are adorned with customized wallpapers which if you get time from the food, are a good read (more like graffiti). A restaurant that invites and lets you relax, so a big 4.5/5 for the décor of the place and kudos to the designer.

The Menu is so exciting, like kids in a candy shop!!!

The Menu is so exciting, like kids in a candy shop!!!

The bread sack ... again and again!

The bread sack … again and again!

The call to the restaurant for a lunch booking was well received, with clarity of words and a repetition to confirm the time and date, which is a huge positive for me. The host as mentioned earlier was polite and smiling, though I wondered if he was guiding us to the restaurant they should have had a replacement to attend to the others coming in. The staff is well trained and polite but I felt a little too polite to give the impression of being lost. I did try to indulge the server in some talk about food and the beers but was met with crisp answers. Nothing wrong in that but I prefer the server to indulge me about the food and concepts of the place, just goes to show how much they like their job and having us there. The service was impeccable with no glitches and the service charge was well worth it. A well deserved 4/5 to the polished staff of the place.

The surprise package ... Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese and sausages!

The surprise package … Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese and sausages!

A beer to wash down the meat is highly recommended.

A beer to wash down the meat is highly recommended.

Steaks are what we came for and Steaks are what we got!

Steaks are what we came for and Steaks are what we got!

Steaks are what we sought and Steaks are what we got. After reading the previous reviews I had memorized what I want to have at the Smokehouse and we wasted no time in getting to that. Skipping the starters we ordered much recommended Bacon wrapped Chicken stuffed with sausage and cheese and shared it among the 3 of us. Though we were there for the Steaks this Chicken was absolutely divine and should be a must do on the list of all carnivores in Delhi. The bread in the sack along with the butter were devoured with equal enthusiasm and ordered again and then again. I would however, insist you order a beer (even if it is in the middle of a working day) to wash down the food and to add to your blissful feeling. Enter the Tenderloin Steak – Medium rare, on a bed of Mashed Potatoes with barbeque sauce and Celery sticks. Now everyone has their own way of ordering and eating a Steak, but if you have got down to reading this till the end, please order the way I have mentioned it and thank me forever. The cut of the steak is perfect and though it looks small, the meat is quite filling. They Chef really knows how to grill it and knows what a medium rare is rather than just passion of a steak as medium. The mashed potatoes were gooey enough but not too Mashy and complemented the meat perfectly. Not very many words would do the Steak any justice, so try it out my meat lovers. By the end of it we were too full to try any dessert which we politely declined and hopefully will go back for more. Food was near perfection and a big 4.5/5 to the way it was presented and fed to us hunters.


Smoke House is fast becoming a well known Steak house and an overall 4.5/5 for this particular outlet. The quality thankfully is being maintained at each outlet they are opening. If you have not tried any of them and are a meat lover, I suggest you do it at the next opportunity. My friends and I never need a reason to visit it, we are more than happy to camp there.

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