Ragini MMS2 … Horrex or Horrendous

With Ragini MMS2 a new genre in Bollywood movies has hit the screens called Horrex movies. Horrex is a combination of Horror and Sex and though the term might be NEW, the concept is age old and blatantly abused in Ramsay Movies for the past three decades.

After watching Ragini MMS the first part of the series which genuinely scared me and was a surprise hit with no known actors, I had to catch the sequel hoping for the scares to continue and more so catch Sunny Leone (a well known pretty faced Adult movie Star) in clothes. Keeping in mind the boundaries of Indian censorship and the sensibilities of the hypocritical social values, Ms. Leone and the producers have tried their best to showcase her in half naked or lingerie clad sequences. They however, fail miserably either to scare you or turn you on, turning the plot into a mish-mash of loose end sequences culminating in a hurriedly wrapped up plot.

The movie tries to cash in on Ms. Leone's Adult Star status and she herself has no qualms bringing it up in various parts of the movie!

The movie tries to cash in on Ms. Leone’s Adult Star status and she herself has no qualms bringing it up in various parts of the movie!

Now, unless you want to go and watch Ms. Leone prove to the audience that even adult acting requires some kind of expertise … which she expertly demonstrates in a sequence … or see something which you have not already seen in her on the Internet, I recommend you stay away from this one. Ramsay brothers used C-grade actresses like Huma Khan or Tina Ghai to do what Ms. Leone (now supposedly an A grade star) does in Ragini MMS2. As for the acting you wouldn’t care because you won’t notice it if you are a guy.

There are a few talented actors like Pravin Dabas, Sandhya Mridul & Divya Dutta who are totally wasted under the garb of a nonsensical script, sleazy sequences, unfunny one-liners and a baseless plot. You would see similarities between a few Hollywood horror movies and this one, which are the scary moments of Ragini MMS2.

But overall like an RJ on radio commented this “Bhootni Ki” movie is not worth the watch unless you want to catch Baby Doll (Sunny Leone’s entry number) on the BIG screen and get your dose of cheap thrills.

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