Heropanti or Tigerpanti … getting back the Masala flavour in cinema!!!

Tiger Shroff, a name which definitely implies that his Dad Jackie Shroff always wanted him to be a “Hero.” Jackie Dada made his debut in the movie HERO and created history. His son exactly after 30 years steps into his shoes and tries hard to take this legacy forward with a similar sounding name for the movie and the signature flute from Hero in the background. The similarity however ends there and what Jackie achieved from his first movie, Tiger seems miles away from achieving that.

Heropanti OR Tigerpanti

Heropanti OR Tigerpanti

Sabbir Khan’s second film as a director, Heropanti is based in the hinterland of Haryana, referred to as Jaatland in the movie, with the central theme of Honour killings. How love develops between the hero and the heroine amidst the backdrop of a traditional Jaat family, who already are madly looking for one of their eloped daughter. The turn of events, situations and sequences are all very expected and the plot is ordinary. The focus of the movie is to showcase Tiger Shroff which it effectively does. The action sequences, the dance sequence and the songs are very well done and a delight to watch if you are a masala movie fan like me. The Hero is a complete package who can fight like his life depended on it, dance like he was in an international competition and a smile that can make girls fall all around him. All in all the movie doesn’t fail to cover the all bases of a typical masala entertainer.

The screen presence is definitely there ... this man is here to stay!

The screen presence is definitely there … this man is here to stay!

Tiger Shroff is as convincing when he is fighting big beefed up goons as he is when he is romancing his delicate on-screen heroine. No one can write him off and he is here to stay even though his dialogues were cheesy, forced and at times unconvincing. However, having said that, Tiger is no less impressive with his screen presence. With a face that is more on the feminine side but very likeable, a body that seems to be perfectly sculpted out of stone, his fighting skills which would match any established action star and his acrobatics in his dances, all make him Star-material. He has used all his martial arts skills and used them effectively to give us some great passionate action sequences. Salman Khan has been able to pull off movies solely on his shoulders by his mere star power. Tiger, who definitely needs to work on his acting skills and mature to a man from a chocolate boy, might command the same loyal fan following like Salman.

Kriti Sanon shares great chemistry with Tiger.

Kriti Sanon shares great chemistry with Tiger.

The other star in the making is Kriti Sanon, who has played the good looking, obedient and sometimes dumb daughter. She complements Tiger perfectly by looking both hot and innocent, and the chemistry between them is electic. She can move up the ladder pretty fast, if she chooses her roles intelligently, and makes a mark like she has made in this one.

The Enfield Bullet is retained from Jackie's movie Hero, though the model is latest.

The Enfield Bullet is retained from Jackie’s movie HERO, though the bike model is latest.

The surprise package would be Sunil Grover, our very own Gutthi from Comedy Nights with Kapil, despite his 5 minutes in the movie he has you in splits laughing at his comic timing. Prakash Raj as the anti-hero & the hurting father does what he does best, and seems to be the only choice for villain/ character roles in all movies currently. The rest of the actors are big, burly and ready to break your bones, but at the end of it just props. Another similarity with original Hero is the Enfield Bullet motorcycle which was an integral part of Jackie’s movie.

The action sequences and stunts are excellently choreographed.

The action sequences and stunts are excellently choreographed.

Another star son has risen, and the debut movie has given him a romantic-action hero tag. It is for Tiger now to build up on his new found fame and take it to the next level. I would suggest you go and do some “Whistle bajaoing” with the newcomers, if you love masala movies, cool action sequences or the age old formula of boy meets girl and falls in love. Plus, you get to see Delhi and its sites as most of the movie is shot in our very own city.

Whatever the reason, Tiger is worth the watch.

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3 Responses to Heropanti or Tigerpanti … getting back the Masala flavour in cinema!!!

  1. excellent review… i agree with it 100% 🙂 well written!!

  2. Arif says:

    Best Jodi of Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in HeroPanti

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