Kick … Watch it just for a “Kick”

“Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahi” … Salman Bhai delivers the review of his own film in the one line he says in the end.

From Dabangg to Ek tha Tiger to Jai Ho, Salman Khan has ruled the hearts of millions of his die-hard fans (me included) though we have no shame in admitting that the movie itself might not make any sense. KICK, in keeping with the tradition, also projects the larger than life persona of Bhai (as Salman’s fans fondly call him) and all the other actors no matter how good, sadly do get overshadowed by his antics. Sometimes, it is hard to figure out whether Salman’s presence is exponentially greater than his co actors and the story or is the story really is so mediocre that we don’t actually care about it.

Devil or Devi Lal!!!

Devil or Devi Lal!!!

The good thing about Kick is that Salman is his usual goofy self, has fun and does not take himself too seriously in the movie. With a name like Devi Lal Singh and a ride which is a mix between a Harley Davidson motorcycle & spruced up Autorikshaw he goes overboard (again) showcasing his idiosyncrasies  but this time in a more relaxed & fun mode. A small animation in the beginning and all is explained from his “Need for Kicks” to his “superhuman” strength. Surprisngly in this one, Salman doesn’t take of his shirt completely, guess midlife is catching up with the waistline. Back to the plot and this adrenaline junkie picks up fights, helps eloping couples and drinks like a fish with his dad. Salman does what he does best and entertains with some funny scenes, particular mention is the one when he is put in jail by funny man Sanjay Mishra and a character from Dabangg who refers to him as Pandeyji for a brief moment. Action sequences are his forte and with inspiration from Dhoom 3 the robber act is in place with a mask similar to Krissh, though I still found Kick to be more entertaining than the other Khan’s movie. Salman knows he can carry the movie on his shoulders alone despite the broken story line and this was quite evident from the whistles and catcalls everytime Bhai took the screen.

Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui try to get out of Bhai's shadow!

Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui try to get out of Bhai’s shadow!

Jacqueline Fernandez as Dr. Psycho (that is what she is called lovingly by Devi) is the wax doll with dialogues and expressions which would put Sajid Khan to shame. She does a good job of looking hot in the song Jhumme ki Raat and that is just about it. Randeep Hooda’s presence is felt and he gets a meaty role as a self appreciating Police Officer who chases Devil (Salman’s do-gooder Alter-ego) around the world and still feels happy for not being able to grab him. Randeep is a great actor, but has been over-shadowed in this one completely. The actor who however has made a mark is Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as the corrupt politician cum social worker and going after his band of crooks what gives Devil the Kick. His knocking sound with his tongue and the evil laughter does create a sinister feel to the character. Mithun Chakraborty as dad tries hard to match to Salman’s histrionics but is passable, as is Archana Puran Singh (blink and miss role) as mom. The movie seems to be a mélange of talented actors along with Saurabh Shukla and Rajit Kapoor, all supporting the Superhero and Dabangg Salman Khan, but hardly getting any screen space to make a mark.

Slick action sequences!

Slick action sequences!

Music by Himesh Reshammiya & Yo Yo Honey Singh is alright with “Jhumme ki Raat” & “Yaar Na Mile” already topping charts. Action & chase sequences though slick, with use of a lot of technology, at some places seem to be forced. But in this age of middle aged heroes taking on guys double their size, action has to be the focus of the movie. Sajid Nadiadwala has hugely banked on Salman Khan’s star power and fan following and he would not be disappointed. My only grouse is why could the production team not do a tighter plot and not leave so many loose ends and broken up sequences. Only if instead of a guided tour of Warsaw, Poland they would have invested more time in the writers (someone mentioned Chetan Bhagat was also a co-writer).

Salman is himself no matter who the heroine is!

Salman is himself no matter who the heroine is!

Salman the bad boy shines again and this is a must watch for everyone who loves Bhai. A few similarities in real life, like helping people through Being Human though being a bad boy of the film industry, Salman’s character in the movie also portrays the same shades of this aspect of his personality. And, if you are not a fan of Bhai, someone in your family would be, take them for the movie.

I personally might watch it again just for a “Kick”.

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