Singham Returns … this time with Lady Singham and Daya!!!

Hollywood may have the likes of Superman, Batman and the Avengers. But what we have can kick their asses all the way to their cradle 10 times over. With the likes of Bajirao Singham and Chulbul Pandey, the police which in the olden days used to come after the climax was over have taken over the hero and is right in the center of action. The action is the highlight of the movie and Singham can make Wolverine look like a pussy in front of him, with his roar, persona and out of the screen punches.

Singham Returns ... move over the likes of Superman, Batman & Avengers!!!

Singham Returns … move over the likes of Superman, Batman & Avengers!!!

Singham Returns as the DCP of Mumbai, much stronger, feared and powerful in the second helping of the hit movie with the name Singham. The movie has no relation to the first part, except the character, his village and parents. So even if you missed the first one (which I would not believe you would have if you are reading this review), you can still go and watch this one. From teaching the young kids who are on the borderline of breaking laws, to fighting musclemen on steroids, our lovable & dependable cop Singham does it all with a panache which would put ramp models to shame.

Singham & his band of cops!!!

Singham & his band of cops!!!

The pretentious critics call the plot predictable, and I call them idiots. Making the audience wait for the next sequence, keeping them on the edge of their seat, even when they know what is going to happen is something the team of Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn (hope I have spelt his last name right) have mastered with quite a few films under their kitty. The action sequences are amazing and Ajay has delivered them even more effectively than the first part, this time with his team of equally menacing band of cops. As soon as one action sequence finishes, you wait for the next one and the director has spared the action lovers the pain of too many songs. Big city, more powerful villains and even larger gang of policemen is what the movie is about, no surprises, but watch it if you want wholesome entertainment. There is also a message, that if the cops have a will to eradicate the crime, nothing can stop them. The climax effectively uses this concept to show if the corrupt politicians can twist the law to their convenience so can the lawmen.

The Logo ... maybe we will see some tattoos now!

The Logo … maybe we will see some tattoos now!

Ajay Devgn delivers a larger than life character, who is fights like a lion, loves like a college boy and bleeds like a common man, impressive, isn’t it? That is how it is meant to be. He has worked hard on this policeman’s character both in terms of physique and mannerisms, and though over the top, has garnered all the seetis and the taalis (whistles and claps). Ajay is believable as the top cop, and convincing enough as a protector of the weak. His band of cops has a lot of familiar actors, but the man who has stood up to Singham’s person is Inspector Daya, the big guy from the popular TV series CID with the same name, and the same name in real life too, Dayanand Shetty. He became popular for his door breaking techniques in the TV series and besides breaking bones in the movies, he does break a door in the climax sequence when Singham repeats the famous lines, “Daya Tod de Darwaza!” The auditorium was filled with claps and whistles so I figure Daya has broken the door and entered the films in style.

Ajay Devgn looks and plays the part perfectly!

Ajay Devgn looks and plays the part perfectly!

Kareena Kapoor aka Lady Singham is a tamed down version of the “Jab we met” version. Talkative, jumping to conclusions and clicking selfies with strange men, she tries hard to make the romantic track entertaining but barring a few sequences I just wanted her to move on. Amol Gupte (a director par excellence) plays the role of a corrupt, scheming baba (God-man) who you would love to hate along with his political counterpart Zakir Hussain. The villains are predictable and their acts equally sinister to make you want to hate them. Anupam Kher & Mahesh Manjrekar as the self righteous politicians are supportive but in not so meaty roles.

Inspector Daya stands parallel and makes his mark!

Inspector Daya stands parallel and makes his mark!

Rohit Shetty has become the unbeatable kind of action in the Indian film industry and along with his team has produced and directed another winner. The music consists of the Singham theme from the original and a Yo Yo Honey Singh song “Ataa Majhi Sataklee” at the end. Seems like, Honey Singh has become a lucky mascot for all movies now, though you will come out humming the song.

The unbeatable duo ... Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgn

The unbeatable duo … Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgn

Well if you go to watch a movie by my standards this is definitely a must watch for you. If you are an Ajay Devgn fan, then you should must watch it too, those who like action should positively watch it. For the rest of you find excuses or reading critics’ reviews, go before (as Singham Bhau says) “Ataa Majhi Satakli” (I loose my temper).


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