Happy New Year … INDIAWAALE, we love melodrama!!!

A Farah Khan film … Revenge, Romance, Action, Comedy and of course Melodrama (lots of it). Farah knows how to entertain and her combination with Shah Rukh Khan has always generated mass hysteria and a sure shot entertainment package for mass junta (Read: Common Man) like me. Critics and Naysayers take a hike and if you are like me, go and watch Happy New Year because I can tell you that you’ll love the MASALA.

Shah Rukh and his team of LOSERS seek to avenge his father’s disgraced name from Jackie Shroff by hatching a plan to rob the man of his prized possessions. A lot of people are saying that HNY has been badly copied from Ocean’s Eleven, though I feel George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven never quite had the right motivation to rob, like our very own Superstar has in this one. Yeah yeah, I know I am a sucker for melodrama but isn’t that what makes us “INDIAWAALE”.

INDIAwaale ... Shah Rukh and his team of bandits!

INDIAwaale … Shah Rukh and his team of bandits!

The ensemble of big stars from Shah Rukh, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani & Jackie Shroff make quite a package and though no one shines in particular, the wholesome package is quite entertaining. Vivaan Shah (Naseer’s son) and noticed for the first time on the silver screen is the new kid on the block and stereotyped for his young looks as a hacker. Cameos by Vishal Dadlani and Anurag Basu, tapori comedy by AB and a small town girl with heavy dreams and even a heavier accent by Deepika Padukone, though cheesy was fun to watch. Cheesy one liners, re hash of famous dialogues (from Shah Rukh’s other films), and over the top humour along with some well choreographed action scenes did earn quite a few whistles and claps in the theatre. I went with my kids and they loved it too.

So doston, ditch the critiques and watch it over the weekend. Of course “Acche Din aa gaye hai” (watch the movie and you’ll know what I am talking about)

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