PK … Jo darr gaya samjho mandir gaya!

Shakti Kapoor a couple of decades ago played a character PK Lele … Considering the expectations one had from Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan, unhone bhi PK Leli humari (They also screwed the audience after being drunk).

PK when translated in english is a question, “Are you drunk?” Aaamir Khan an alien from another Gola (round planet) asks such weird questions and dresses up even more weirdly, that everyone keeps asking him “PK hai kya?” That is how the name. A great Bhojpuri dialect picked up by the master actor makes some instances funny and situational comedy sequences are aplenty, but our PK fails to connect with the audience at any level. Neither emotion, nor a plot, nor any melodrama (which we all love). The comedy also borders on cheesy and cheap and expectations were high from this team.

PK ne dimaag to bilkul lul kar diya!

PK ne dimaag to bilkul lul kar diya!

The plot loosely based on the fact that we as a specie, need an alien to jerk us out of our slumber and blind faith of a God created by man and its managers (various Gurus and Babas). The plot very effectively already tried successfully in “Oh My God” with competent performances by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar. More so, the dialogues and logic given in PK feels stale and unimpressive.

Sanjay Dutt makes an appearance and his fans do have something to look forward to. Parikshat Sahni is again a father dejected by his offspring. I say again because Raju Hirani has portrayed him in the same state after Lage Raho Munnabhai & 3 Idiots. Anushkha Sharma who is already being ridiculed for her looks, needs to get her act and face together fast. She looked more alien to me than the cute “big ears” Aamir Khan. Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla support as much as they can to a weak script.

An out and out Aamir movie, but after Dhoom 3 this one is another dud, considering the benchmarks set by him. Do watch it coz you might find something which I missed.

“Apna dimaag to Lul ho gaya isko dekhne ke baad” 

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