PIKU … The emotional motion!

PIKU … PIKUUU … PIKUUUUUU …. (spoiler alert)

The movie is as simple as the female protagonist name. A movie without agenda or a reason and just an average family with their average problems which are laughed away as soon as they are solved.

Amitabh ... always the star!

Amitabh … always the star!

Constipation forms the basis of the whole movie, yup, you heard that right, it is about those difficult bowel moments which are at the core of the story. However contrary to the difficult state of being constipated, the story of PIKU flows effortlessly, culminating into a relaxed climax much like the best and the last “shit” our protagonist (Amitabh Bachchan) takes.

The highlight of the movie though is not the protagonist’s bowel movements but the relationship between the ageing Dad and his independent, High IQ (opposite of Low IQ) daughter. The emotional quotient is so high that one does not need to shed tear to understand it but a smile is more apt for it. Amit jee and Deepika portray a Bengali Dad and daughter living in Delhi’s Bong capital of CR Park with effortless ease.

The Daughter-Dad duo Roadtrip is funny and full of emotions supported by the amazing Irfaan Khan!

The Daughter-Dad duo Roadtrip is funny and full of emotions supported by the amazing Irrfan Khan!

The movie belongs to them from the start to the end and Amitabh with his histrionics and nuances of a Bengali uncle (Uncle hoga tera baap) is as funny as he is irritating. Irrfan Khan as the “Non – Bengali” Chaudhary is the saving grace when the Bongness crosses bounds of tolerance both for Deepika and the audience. Even the invisible servant keeps on chipping in with his two bits where required along with the yesteryear actress Moushmi Chatterjee. Detailing and casting along with a simple story has been Shoojit Sircar’s forte and he keeps getting better with each of his outings.

PIKU is a must watch for any movie buff and to feel good about life. Lots of small instances where one can recognize, empathize, cry or laugh with the characters and walk out of the theatre with a smile on their faces!

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