Tamasha … recognize the DON in you!!!

Tamasha touches a chord somewhere with everyone, well in fact it touches all of us deep down.

Are we all doing what we are meant to do? Or are we in a Race which we also don’t know much about? A Race where we would be average, mediocre, just a name or a machine and will die running? Are we living our own life or the life of our expectations?

Don and Mona Darling show us it is not impossible to follow your dreams, but sometimes the impossible is easier than the pressure of responsibilities. In the movie Ranbir Kapoor the who is Ved, Product Manager, Hard-working Boy, Good Son … but wants to be Don, or Ram, Or Ranjha or just a Story Teller. The catalyst our leggy lass, Ms. Padukone who breaks him, rejects him, wants him and then makes him what he was meant to be!

Apne andar ke DON ko pehchano!

Apne andar ke DON ko pehchano!

Now back to the questions that whirl in the mind after watching the movie … A movie or a story teaches you stuff about yourself, but can you really follow it? Would meeting a beautiful girl at an exotic location like Corsica really help you find the meaning to your existence (Hell I Travel the world and I always have older, more successful men as my travel partners)?

Would you be courageous enough to leave the Matrix and be NEO? Will we be so lucky as to find a catalyst in our life?

Whatever said and done, and whatever you can do or not, hum sabke andar ek DON chuppa hua hai! Maybe you won’t find a Deepika to act as a catalyst, but you will always find a reason to follow your passion, pursue your dream and that reason is what will make you and what great men are made of. When you find something you love to do, start doing it from that very moment and you will catapult from being mediocre to being the BEST!!! I know this is not a movie review … but that is the story I could tell out of the story Imtiaz Ali told.

Go watch it (at least once) … if not for the stories then for some great performances by Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Peeyush Misra and Vivek Mushran (ILU ILU hero) … along with another brilliant score from AR Rahman.

This is not a love story of a boy meets girl … but a love story about a boy who meets his real self!!!

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