Azhar … when the God faltered!!!

In India, Cricket is a religion and Cricketers are Gods … Azhar is a story of a God who faltered and paid a price!

Azharuddin (lovingly called Azhar by fans and teammates) was one of the most successful captains of the Indian Cricket team. With a dream debut of 3 centuries in his career’s first three matches and safest hands on the team, he was loved by all!

The movie depicts his journey, his personal life with 2 marriages and his match fixing allegations which got him a life ban ultimately to be revoked by the Hyderabad High Court till very recently! The movie also tells you to make your own inferences about his allegations but at the same time leads you onto certain paths deliberately! 
Too much dramatisation and commercial viability seems to diluted what otherwise would have been a great story. Emran Hashmi tries to look the part and acts well, but still feels amiss at some places. Prachi Desai as his first wife is good, and Nargis Fakri as Sangeeta his second wife is a disaster! 

The detailing in the plot and even the court sequences is absent and one has to resign to the fact that the production team was not competent enough to make such a great biopic (the saas-bahu hangover in Ekta Kapoor productions is quite visible). The Indian team’s characterisation could have been done in a much more contextual manner and the only player that stands out is the guy playing Manoj Prabhakar. 

There was a time when I used to watch cricket and remember how darling Azhar used to be to us. I had friends aping his style of fielding or the flick of the wrist shot he was so famous for. His match fixing scandal was setback to all and most fans refused to believe it. What the real story is only Azhar and his Allah knows, but the sad part is that we lost a great player and simple human to the monster of match fixing! 

Go watch him play one last time if you are a fan too!

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